Wednesday 16th March

Bright and early Wednesday morning.  Good old Terry – sent him off at 5am with a mare to visit Dunaden at Overbury Stud in Gloucestershire.  A long way to “walk in” so hopefully she will get in foal with one visit.  Unfortunately our first two coverings did not bear fruit but at least they are only in Newmarket so the return trip is easy and we are still early in the season.  Still hoping to get the maiden/barren mares covered before we start foaling, Nothing imminent but certainly moving closer, cameras being set up and sleepless nights looming!!

On to the important subject – racing.   Wow great to see superstar Annie Power romp home,  fantastic –  that’s what we all wanted to see and kicked Cheltenham off on a fantastic first day.   I think Willie Mullins has brought 68 horses over for the festival.  What a task!!!! 68 at one meeting!!

We should have been at Wolves last night, unfortunately we have just had a few horses coughing so seemed little point venturing out until we are happy they are 100% again which I am sure will be very soon.   They all seem very well in themselves so it was annoying to have to withdraw them.  Not sure where we will be next, possibly Wolves again next Thursday with Ziggy, all being well.  Wolves certainly seems to be his track.  His latest visit to Chelmsford was bit of a disaster!  I left the same combo of headgear on after his previous win, it was over 6f so from a wide draw thought could be ideal not to have to “drill” him to the front.  He jumped well but within the first half furlong was dropping back and going nowhere!.  I think he really needs to be pushed from the start to make the running, so 6f would not really suit as he probably would not get home!  oh well it wasn’t too far to travel and the grooms canteen do good food !

So nice to have all but one horse in the yard now in work, some exciting prospects coming along.   Sadly we have decided to retire Sid (Sinema)  He has to be one of the nicest horse we have in the yard, unfortunately it appeared evident after his last run he really does not want to be a racehorse anymore.  Don’t think we will have any problems finding him a lovely retirement home.

Instead of racing last night I spent it at the chiropractors!  Feel like I have had 5 rounds with Tyson this morning, he did warn I could feel sore!!  After he told me how twisted and knotted I am I thought maybe I was a lost cause.  Another session next week will hopefully see an improvement!  Maybe I need to ease off the old muck fork!!

Let me know if you haven’t received your five to follow forms, or unable to download for any reason.

Busy morning so we can settle down for the afternoon and watch TV.

Enjoy the sunshine

Christine x