Long time no speak !!!

Well please do not all faint with shock, that is if you still check my website!!!  I am so sorry for the long delay, I did wonder whether I would ever get back to doing this.  I was never sure if anyone read my blog but have to say I have had a few emails wondering what had happened to them from people I have never met so I think that is encouraging?

Where do I begin to catch up…..so much has been going on, not enough hours in the day etc etc .  Had a few disapointments througout the summer but thats racing for you.   Im just hoping we are going to finish the year with a bang like last year.  So nice to see my old Give us a Belle coming back to form, unlucky last two starts back at Wolves.  I am in no doubt he will win there again before the end of the year.  College Doll also in good form, as is Danzoe. Unfortunately they are all pretty much on the same mark and need 5f.  hence having 3 in one race last week at Wolves.  Really thought I was going to have a 1-2-3.  So nearly with a 2-3-5.  The horses are well and crying out for races now but finding them is the hard bit.  I think Ziggy (Give us a Belle) will have to stick to Wolves, Dolly would certainly be good back at Southwell also, Dan could go to any of the tracks having won at all the current all weather courses.   Can’t wait for Chelmsford City (sounds more like a greyhound track)  to reopen in January.  Hopefully they will all like it there and we can find a few opportunities.  The journey would certainly be wellcome after the A14 & M6 to Wolves!  Im sure over half the roads there must have bollards beside them and I have no idea who sets up the diversions when the roads are closed!!!!!  I have very fond memories of Gt Leighs having had 2 winners there during the short time it was open so I am hoping there will be something for my horses at Chelmsford City!

Apart from the old faithfuls we still have a few new horses yet to make their debuts, one being Irish Sweetheart who will be replacing Arryzona for my small racing syndicate.  Harry is being given a good break to mature both physically and mentally.  His runs have been disappointing but I do not think he is a lost cause – yet!  Time will tell but we will bring him back in the Spring and see what he makes of it all then.  Izzy (sweetheart) should be on the track by the end of October.  I have no doubt she will need a run or two to get the hang of things but I really like her attitude and what we have seen todate in her work.  Another I am quite excited about is our 3yo filly out of Bongoali (some of you may remember her)  She is a filly by Phoenix Reach who was left to grow and mature, she still has a way to go but if she is up to it I may aim her at a bumper at the end of this year, she is unnamed at the moment.

We have 3 yearlings in at the moment (not ventured to Tatts yearling sales just yet – will wait until the prices are more within reach!!)   2 of ours look like they could well make 2yos – One is by a Thousand Words, our young lad is very much like his most notable progeny Top Notch Tonto, a very flashy striking individual.  The other is full brother to Irish Sweetheart, a really nice strong indiviual.  Our other home bred is a lovely colt by Mount Nelson.  He is a very big backward individual and I do not anticipate seeing him on the track until backend 2015. 

Good news on the breeding front – all six mares we had covered have been tested in foal – lots of sleepless nights on the way early next spring.  Thankfully all 6 are due within 2-3 weeks of each other but from experience they seldom come on their due dates!!  4 of the 6 are maiden mares so will need a close watch for several weeks prior to their due dates just in case.  

Think I have probably rambled long enough if you are still with me??  Will try and get some nice new pics uploaded!!  probably more chance of flying to the moon!!  may get a little help with that!!

Not a lot happening on the race front at the moment – hopefully Danzoe will head for Kempton next Wednesday, one of his most memorable wins for me was there, way back when off a much higher mark. fingers crossed he gets the luck in running.  Ellingham and Perseverent Pete should also be back on track very soon, both have had their problems but I still have faith they can  pick up a race before the year end.

I have no idea where the summer went but winter is certainly round the corner, I’m making this grim prediction this winter is going to be hard, just hoping “Autumn” can hang in there at least until December!!

I will try to keep these more frequent and not so long and boring!!!!

Christine XX