Back by Popular Demand

Well it has been sometime since I updated …. When I look at other peoples’ web sites I cannot understand why they do not keep them up to date, very frustrating!!!  Yes I hear you cry!!

As they say, it’s a funny old game this racing lark, I think we must add it’s a funny old world we live in.  A lot has been going on since my last update and I cannot begin to bore you all with the fine details.

That said we had a wonderful family wedding which was a good excuse to smarten my old place up as the reception was here on the front paddock. Finally got new windows for the house which were several years well overdue!!  And I painted my house pink!!!!  Yes, pink!!! With black paintwork!!  No surprises there I hear many of you cry!!

Racing this year has been a bit of a nightmare. We started off so well with old Ziggy bringing home the bacon at Wolves back in February. Hmm looked like we were in for a good year.

Foaling went well with no complications and we had 3 nice new fillies and 4 nice colts to add to our collection.  Racing has been slow getting off the ground. All looked well. A couple of runners at the first meeting at Gt Yarmouth, first time out this season. A week later they started to cough, followed every day with another until every horse was coughing!

We were not alone with this and it really has been a bad year for viruses within the racing industry. We are fortunate in that we usually escape them due to our location but we cannot protect the horses at the races and I have no doubt where we picked it up.  By the time the last horse started coughing the first were starting to get better, we thought.  It really has had a dreadful impact on our year.  When we thought they were getting over it and started to get them back on the track they ran disappointing despite getting them scoped before runs.  They seemed ok in themselves but clearly not right.

However, I feel that is now behind us. Horses bright and breezy we went to Yarmouth with great hopes for a couple, sadly in the same race but I was going to be happy with the 1-2!!  Oh dear not a good day as some of you might remember.  Anyway, I would say I would have had the 1-2 if all had gone according to plan!!

Humour duly obliged next time out in quite impressive style at Chelmsford City followed by a shot on the grass last week at Nottingham when a little more luck in running would have definitely seen him in the money, if not win.  I did anticipate the ground being a bit slower than it was on the day, a slightly slower pace would have given him the opportunity to race up with the pace a bit more as he is a little outpaced in his races these days so 5f is probably too sharp on quicker ground.

We are now well and truly heading for winter so I have no doubt we will be spending several hours trekking up and down the A14/M6 to our favourite haunt Wolverhampton, starting this Friday with Humour as our main hope plus maybe GUAB depending how he performs at Kempton on Wednesday evening.

So much luck in the draw and running around the all-weather, such sad news about Freddy Tylicki, a lovely lad.  We all wish him all the best.  We all know it is a dangerous sport. We don’t really expect such horrific injuries/accidents on the flat but all know it can happen, when they hit the polytrack surfaces they are hard especially at flat racing pace.  A sad time for racing.  These lads are so tough and thankfully get wonderful support, IJF Christmas cards/gifts are a little way we can all help fund the help/support they need.

Back to news at College Farm Stables.  A few disappointments this year. The Five to follow competition has seen better days!   However, there is a long way to go and still some unknown quantities in the yard.

Time to Open our doors and welcome our supporters to the yard.  Well overdue.

SUNDAY 27th NOVEMBER has been pencilled in?  A separate notice will be added to cover details.  Please let me know via email/text if you can make it so I have some idea of numbers for refreshments.  Email: christine [at]  Mobile :  07775 793523.

We have some exciting new prospects in the yard. Lots to show off and catch up.

I am just in from a lovely dog walk around our gallops in Hingham.  Friends and customers of our Doggy Daycare enjoyed a lovely walk on a brisk cold but dry morning followed by hot drinks after.  This is going to be a monthly treat and is open to anyone, (within reason) as well as customers of the daycare.  Let us know if you need more details and would like to join us.

Enough rambling for now. If you have got to this point well done and thank you.

Christine xx