2016 Here we are

Here we are again, Happy as can be, all good pals and jolly good company!!! Sorry I was not sure how to start this blog after such a long break !!! This update has been imminent for several weeks/months and I would add this is my second/third attempt after previous text disappeared into cyber space!!! Very Frustrating !!!!! I think I needed a winner to spur me on and thank goodness good old faithful Ziggy, Give us a Belle , duly obliged last night at Wolves!. He certainly kept the old heart racing to the end! Just when he looked beaten young Paddy Pilley managed to find that extra stride and get his head in front where it mattered!! A great ride from the young lad helped I feel with a change in headgear. The fear I had with the blinkers was that if he got headed, which he did, he would drop himself out of the race. However, they seemed to have the opposite effect and he found that extra push to get his head in front on the line!! I think the delight of Terry and myself was highlighted on ATR!!! Wow we so needed that after 4 months without a winner!!

Lots of exciting things to look forward to this year, we have 7 mares in foal, due from April onwards and we have already had 2 mares covered so far for next year. Our last years foals are growing into fine big yearlings now. We sold our Zebedee colt at the sales last December and the other 5 we have will be aimed at the yearlings sales at the end of the year. Just to remind you they are by Society Rock, Baltic King, Libranno, Dick Turpin and a new addition by Equianno.

Our Horses in Training list has changed somewhat since last year but a few of the old faithfuls remain, including Humour who I hope will follow Ziggys example and see us in the winners enclosure next Tuesday at Lingfield.

If you are still conscious from the shock of this blog, I am absolutely delighted to say we will be running the Five to Follow Competition again this year. Entry forms and details will be arriving on your doorsteps very shortly and a full update on the horses will be on this site within the next few days. If you have not received your entry forms etc within the next week/10 days please email me on christine@christinedunnett.com

We have lots of nice new horses to go to war with this year, some very exciting prospects, filling us full of hope and enthusiam for the year ahead, we always have shares available and welcome new owners/followers so please get in touch if you would like more info, or maybe just a stable visit.

We will be updating all pages on this site very soon, with lots of new photos. I would like to thank you for your patience and loyalty if you have just read this blog. There will be more to follow !!

We have been so fortunate with the Winter weather here in Norfolk so lets hope we are now heading for a good Spring and Summer, whether it will come in that order remains to be seen, but we will make the most of whatever!

Here’s to the next time!

Christine XX